192.168.l.l Router Login Username & Password

In the Internet Protocol address or more commonly known as the IP address is an address specified to each of the devices that are connected to a specific network. The IP address serves a number of purposes including primary addressing and network identification. is the Internet Protocol address that is assigned to the wireless routers and ADSL modems. The routers can take up any address depending on the availability, but the IP Login is the most common. Often termed as the host addresses, these can be used to unleash a lot of hidden features of the wireless network to which the device is connected and configuring the modem as well.

What is the significance of IP address?

So as to get access to the settings associated with the network and the modem and tweak them as per the requirements, the user first needs to type in the IP address in the address bar of any of the web browsers on his device. The browser will display a page asking for credentials like your username and password which is brand specific for your modems. The usernames and corresponding passwords can be found on the packaging of the modem or even online. Separate brands of modems generally use separate usernames and passwords.

In case the user does not know his password and username he can use the steps given below:

  • The modems and routers generally mention the username and password on a label displaying their serial number. This is the default password for the router or modem that the user is using.
  • In case the user has already tweaked with these default settings, they need to reset the router settings to default. Most routers and modems generally have a physical button available specifically for the purpose.


As soon as the login process is successful, the user gains access to a bunch of features using which he can modify his network and configure his modem. The first section includes basic information about the router of the user along with some basic stats regarding the network that he is using. Most of the routers provide a quick setup option through this IP login guide the users through the setup process and auto-detects every setting as per the conditions and the user does not need to make any manual changes. There are however some other sections where users can manually implement changes like port number, network name, the security level for a network, a password for the network and control some advanced settings like DNS, Proxy, WAN, Wireless settings, MAC address, WPS, DSL, etc. However, users need to be careful when they try to tweak these settings since these are sensitive ones and can make certain changes to the absurd behavior of their networks.

CONCLUSION is a universal IP address that helps users gain access to their network and modem settings easily and make changes in them as well. All these settings are available in a user-friendly interface that makes it even easier for beginners to implement the changes.

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