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Founded in 1940 and based in the United States of America, this company is a fast food company run by Richard and Maurice Mcdonald. Being at its baby stage, McDonalds was nothing but just a hamburger stand. Starting from that low, McDonalds has been successful in becoming one of the leading fast food chains all over the world.


As mentioned above, the company was started as just a hamburger stand in one of the streets of the United States of America. From there, McDonalds has expanded its business with its menu. Now they sell cheeseburgers, French fries, milkshakes, soft drinks, desserts, wraps, chicken products and other breakfast items.

Since all the above mentioned items represent an unhealthy category of food, McDonalds also introduced fruits, salads and smoothies as a part of its menu. Due to the wide range of food items offered, mcdonalds coupon code is an all-time food spot for teenagers and other foodies.

Enjoying great customer support

As per the recent statistics, it is known that the company gives service to more than 68 million people on a daily basis. Operating in around 120 countries and territories, the company has more than 38,000 restaurants spread all over the world.

In India, majorly, the company had to go through a lot of criticism because it was found out the ingredients included in their food items are not safe.

Reason for wide success

Starting from the very bottom, McDonalds was successful at operating on a large scale worldwide. Obviously, this wasn’t made possible just by a twist of a magic wand. The company had many planned strategies to be able to operate at such a large scale

  1. The price of the various food items is very economically placed. This makes it student pocket friendly. The other restaurants of the same range have relatively super high prices. But mcdonalds was smart enough to keep the prices normalized, so as to attract a large number of customers.
  2. McDonalds has opened a lot of branches worldwide. Due to this reason, it is easier for people to reach nearby branches. In the case of other foodchains, there are few branches present, which becomes a distance hurdle for people to reach there. Being within the reach of majority of the people has increased the customer base of McDonalds.
  3. The menu of McDonalds has both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian items. This variety attracts a large number of people. The other food hubs and cafes mostly offer only vegetarian food items. In contrast to this, McDonalds has diversity, which has functioned as a success reason for them.
  4. Their food quality is better than other restaurants. The food tastes pretty good. There are claims that McDonalds offers the best French fries of all the places. Also, their soda tastes better than other restaurants.

So, McDonalds has definitely established its place as one of the finest and affordable restaurants all over the world. Although, a lot of competition is faced, but McDonalds never fails to stand out from the others.

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